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The Chelyabinsk region is one of the most significant subject of the Russian Federation in terms of economics. It has substantial industrial, labor, scientific and resource potential and extended infrastructure. Today the Chelyabinsk region has a stable economic growth due to effective investment regime as well.

Boris Aleksandrovich Dubrovsky

The Chelyabinsk region

is the steel heart of Russia

25% of mill products

13% of steel pipes

45% of refractory products in Russia are manufactured here


1st place in pasta products output

2nd place in cattle and poultry farming

2nd place in egg production

Volume of agricultural production 120 billion Р

2,9 million ha of farm fields

Staff potential:

44 universities

54 academic institutions and organizations

150 000 students

fixed capital investments

212,8 billion Р

Investments from 50 countries are concentrated in the Chelyabinsk region

2 977 cultural heritage sites

3 170 lakes

15 ski resorts

150 health resort institution