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The population of the Chelyabinsk region is more than 3.6 million people, or 2.5% of the total Russian population. The population of 81% resides in the cities, which indicates a high urbanization of the region. The population density in the Chelyabinsk region is 41 people. On 1 square. Km. This region is one of the most economically developed in the Urals Federal District and is inferior in terms of output of only the Sverdlovsk region. The main industries of the Chelyabinsk region are metallurgy and machine building. Enterprises of the region, located in such cities as Magnitogorsk, Zlatoust, Kyshtym, Karabash, Upper Ufaley, Miass, Kopeysk, provide employment for a significant part of the region's population.

However, in recent years, the employment of the population in industry has declined and the share of people employed in other sectors - agriculture, trade and public catering, non-productive sphere - has increased. In general, in various sectors of the economy, more than 1,790,000 people, or 51.4% of the region's population, are employed.

In the field of 52 higher education institutions, the largest of which are: South Ural State University, Chelyabinsk State University, Institute of Agroengineering of the South Ural State Agrarian University, South Ural State Humanitarian Pedagogical University, South Ural State Medical University and Urals State University of Physical Culture. 40 research organizations carry out scientific research and design work in the region. Labor resources of the region are characterized by high general education and professional training.

According to statistics in the labor market of the Chelyabinsk region in recent years, there has been a growing demand for technologists, site managers in the industrial sector, specialists in the metalworking industry and equipment adjusters, general practitioners.

The task of promoting employment of the population and providing the economy and social sphere with skilled labor resources is to be ensured by improving the efficiency of the labor market, while observing labor rights and guarantees for the citizens of the population. To this end, it is proposed to modernize the mechanisms for implementing state policy in the labor market and introduce innovative methods of state regulation in the field of employment promotion.

At the end of 2015 at the meeting of the Government of the Chelyabinsk region the state program "Assistance to the voluntary resettlement of compatriots living abroad for the 2016-2020 period to the Chelyabinsk region" was adopted. It is planned that for five years the Chelyabinsk region will accept within the framework of this program almost 4,5 thousand people and 2,225 members of their families. The main objectives of the program are to reduce the shortage of labor resources, increase the number of highly qualified specialists; Development of border areas, increase in the number of young people, including those who receive education in professional educational organizations and educational organizations of higher education.

Previous similar programs showed the interest of compatriots in resettlement, employment and business in the Chelyabinsk region. Most applications for participation came from Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Analysis of the foreign labor force involved in the economy of the region shows that the majority of workers are employed in construction, public catering, trade and agriculture.