Investment project

Construction of the plant for processing of zinc-containing waste generated as waste of electric-furnace steelmaking (Group “Magnezit”, LLC)

Total project cost: 5-6 bln rub.
Total required investments: 5-6 bln rub.
Pay back period: 6 years.


Investment Promotion Agency of the Chelyabinsk region
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The project provides construction of a plant for processing of zinc-containing waste generated as waste of electric steel production.

Company – project promoter:  Group “Magnezit”, LLC.

Address: 456910, the Chelyabinsk region, Stka city,  Solnechnaya st., 32, www.

Company executive:  Sergey Odegov - executive general manager

Company profile: refractory processing.

Resources and engineering infrastructure for project implementation: all necessary resources are available.

Current status of the project:

1) technological research of metallurgical enterprises (potential suppliers of raw materials) waste samples is conducted;

2) preliminary techno-economic justification of the project is prepared;

3) preliminary agreement with key suppliers for purchasing of raw materials is reached, logistics of waste collection of waste is being worked out;

4) the joint venture agreement with technology provider - company “ZincOx Resources Plc” on technology transfer is concluded.

Suggested forms of cooperation: credit facility, lease financing, contracts for future delivery.

Contact person: Nikolay Tlehugov – head of investment department, tel.  +7 (495) 232 61 00 (1220), +7 (917) 5062511,

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