Investment project

Construction of the plant for production of components and finished industrial emulsion explosives ("RussVzryv", LLC)

Total project cost: 12,7 mln euro
Total required investments: 7,3 mln euro 
Pay back period: 4 years.

Investment Promotion Agency of the Chelyabinsk region
Chelyabinsk, st. Molodogvardeytsev 31-5 (Technopark), 2nd floor
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Company – project promoter: "RussVzryv", LLC

Address: Chelyabinsk city, Lenina st., 2 k, build. 2, office 609, tel.: +7 (351) 200 40 82, e-mail:, http://руссвзрыв.рф

Company executive:  Salim Sharypov.

Company profile: production of components and finished industrial emulsion explosives

Resources and engineering infrastructure for project implementation: The electric grid, gas system are supplied, the road are built to the plot line. Design and survey work for water pipe supplying is carried out.

Current status of the project: Installation of walling is started.

Suggested forms of cooperation: all kinds of cooperation.

Contact person: Salim Sharypov, tel.: +7 (351) 200 40 82, e-mail:


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