Investment project

Organization of metal manganese production Mn95 / Mn965 ( "Troitsky Steel Works", LLC)

Total project cost: 5,4 bln rub.
Total required investments: 4 bln rub. 
Pay back period: 4,5 years.

Investment Promotion Agency of the Chelyabinsk region
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The main point of the project is to build a new plant and make reconstruction of the existing production area of "Troitsky Steel Works" (TMZ) in Troitsk city for production of metal manganese Mn95 / Mn965 (GOST 6008-90). It  is expected to achieve an annual production volume of 33 000 tons.

Company – project promoter: "Troitsky Steel Works", LLC

Address:  457100, the Chelyabinsk region, Troitsk city, Dyzelny zavod st., tel. 8(351)799 57 97, e-mail:,

Company executive:  Alexander Koshkin, executive general manager

Resources and engineering infrastructure for project implementation:

"Troitsky Steel Works", LLC has the following infrastructure:

- land area of ​​18.4 ha;

- aluminum alloys casting shop, consisting of two-aisle building (with size 132*48 m) and single-aisle building (with size 144*24 m), connected by closed transition with transfer trolley;

- administrative building (​​10,517.4 m2);

- main step down substation 110/6 kW with capacity of 50 MW;

- former compressor station,

- access tracks (with the length of 1 270.47 m);

- transformer substations, engineering and communication networks, roads;

- coast pumping station with pipelines, feeding process water.

Current status of the project: ready for startup

Suggested forms of cooperation: project financing.

Contact person:

Natalia Maslenko, financial director, +7-916- 905-96-47,

Olga Turova, representative in Chelyabinsk city, +7-912-315-75-00,

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