Investment project

Construction of the plant for production of glass container for food products ("South Ural factory of glass container", LLC)

Total project cost: 240 mln rub.
Total required investments: 140 mln rub. 
Pay back period: 2,4 years.

Investment Promotion Agency of the Chelyabinsk region
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Project for construction of the plant for production of glass container (from recycled materials (cullet) and the glass batch) for food products, i.e.:

- construction of glass furnace with capacity of 80 tons/day,

- acquisition of  two Russian and Chinese for glass containers production,

- reconstruction of the production building to the plant needs,

- production management, logistics, marketing and logistics,

- participation in the import substitution program.

Company – project promoter: "South Ural factory of glass container", LLC

Address: 457040, the Chelyabinsk region, Yuzhnouralsk city, Zavodskaya st., 2 A., tel.: (35134) 4-32-72, e-mail:

Company executive: Valery Razenkov, executive general manager

Company profile: manufacture of hollow glass

Resources and engineering infrastructure for project implementation: engineering infrastructure is available, specifications for increasing of capacity are requested.

Current status of the project:

- leasing contracts for production and office building (2000 m2) and land plot (0.5 ha at 5 years) are signed,

- contract for the plant design is paid and carried out,

- specifications for increasing of  infrastructure capacity are requested,

- landscaping is performed,

- survey works of buildings and territory fir further design are carried out,

- engagement agreements with suppliers and large consumers of the plant products are signed,

-  recruitment.

Suggested forms of cooperation: concessional financing programs of the Russian Federation and the Chelyabinsk region

Contact person: Valery Razenkov, tel.:+7 982 347 0123; (35134) 4-32-72, e-mail:

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