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Специализированная организация по привлечению инвестиций и работе с инвесторами

Areas of fund activity
  • fundraising in and promotion of investment capacities of the Chelyabinsk Oblast;
  • project support, including preparation of necessary documents, search for investors / co-investors and other forms of financing, project support after the financing stage etc.;
  • providing a "one window" mode for investors when interacting with executive authorities;
  • assistance in creating project teams to support and implement specific investment projects on a turnkey basis;
  • promotion of the region's investment capacities and regional projects both in Russia and abroad, including at exhibitions, forums, conferences etc.;
  • ensuring interaction with investment and venture funds, banks, foreign state investment agencies, specialized financial institutions, Russian and international development institutions in order to use their potential and opportunities to finance and support investments in the region;
The fund interacts with investors and executive bodies on a one-window principle Open Regulations
The Fund's authority to support investment projects based on the one-window principle are established by the Order Open Order
Support Department

In September 2020, the Support Department of the fund was introduced.

Listed below are its three main functions.

  • Attracting potential external investors to the Chelyabinsk Region — 2 employees.
  • Investment project support. Each investment project has a personal supervisor and manager. They ensure the one-window principle for the investor, are responsible for assembling the project team in cooperation with executive bodies, subordinate entities, and funds. They also monitor the implementation of investment projects and accumulation of project data. They are also responsible for eliminating administrative hurdles and infrastructure limitations — 4 employees.
  • The Expertise Center consists of highly qualified experts needed for any project. They offer expert advice and may perform preliminary analysis of a project. They are also trained to resolve legal, land, financial, networking, licensing or any other matters arising during project implementation. They are also responsible for selecting land lots and production facilities — 4 employees. )

You can check out the annual report of the fund and its other documents on the Investment website of the Chelyabinsk Region.