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Chelyabinsk Region is rapidly developing as a tourist destination. Currently there are more than 780 companies working in the sector which employs some 17.5 thousand people. In 2019, the total turnover of companites classified as working in the sphere of tourism amounted to 7.7 billion RUB. There are 445 collective accommodation facilities in the region, 43 of which are health resorts. The number of rooms in the region is 18,000, and 3,000 of them are located in of which 3 thousand are in resorts with medical services.

In 2019, 991,000 tourists visited the Chelyabinsk Region, with a total number of overnight stays of 4.5 million, of which 1.5 million were in resorts with medical services.

In 2020, there was a sharp increase in the number of visits to natural tourist areas and the suburban tourism industry. According to the data from the Taganay National Park, their annual tourist flow increased from 146,000 visitors in 2019 to 175,000 visitors in 2020 (a 20% increase). A similar trend was observed in regional nature reserves.

The Chelyabinsk Region was ranked 16th in the 2020 the National Tourism Rating of 2020. It was way ahead of regions with strong tourist brands. For instance, Kaliningrad, the Republic of Karelia, the Republic of Buryatia, and Kamchatka Krai, were ranked 24th, 31st, 43rd, and 68th respectively. This only serves to solidify the enormous touristic potential of the region. According to the data of the online booking platform TravelLine, Chelyabinsk Region was ranked 14th place in terms of the sales of tourist services as per the cash-back program introduced by the Federal Agency for Tourism.

In order to overcome a number of restrictions in terms of transportation and supporting infrastructure, an effective tool for the development of investments in tourism is being designed. It is the "Tourism and the hospitality industry" National Project.

Support measures for investors:

  • Reduced tax payments.

  • Provision of land for rent without bidding.

  • Comprehensive project support (financial, property, and educational support, consulting etc.).


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