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Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering of the Chelyabinsk Region is an attractive industry for investments. There are several objective reasons for this.

  • Mechanical engineering is based on regional metallurgy. Thus, the manufactured products have a high specific quantity of metal.
  • The presence of several thousand production sites help to implement any business project.
  • Highly qualified personnel with engineering background.
  • Domestic and international demand for such products.
  • Wide range of products, including: mechanical and rolling equipment, blast furnaces, and steelmaking equipment; cranes, loaders, machine tools, tractors, bulldozers, road machinery; vehicles, trailers, and semi-trailers; locomotives, tram cars, as well as car parts.
  • The equipment may also be used for the fabrication of other types of products.

Today mechanical engineering is ranked 2nd in the total structure of the regional manufacturing industry, with its share of 12.6%. This is partially due to the operation of the Chelyabinsk tractor plant, Ural automobile plant, Ust-Katav car-building plant, Chelyabinsk forge-and-press plant etc.

Enterprises of the Chelyabinsk region produce about 90% of bulldozers, 15% of tractors, 11% of trucks, 26% of motor graders, 13% of excavators, and 91% of caterpillar cranes manufactured in Russia.

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