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Metallurgy has been the leading industry of the Chelyabinsk Region for a long time. At the moment, more than 50 large and medium-sized enterprises operate in the area. These are full-cycle plants, such as the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works or the Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant, and non-ferrous metallurgy enterprises such the Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant, the Kyshtym Copper Electrolyte Plant, and Karabashmed.

Product assortment: Ferrous metallurgy: heavy plate from carbon, low-alloy, structural and alloy steel grades; ferrosilicon, ferrochrome, ferrosilicochrome, silicomanganese; refractory materials and products; metallurgical coke; high-quality forged products. Non-ferrous metallurgy: alloys for hot-dip galvanizing with additions of nickel, aluminum, and antimony; copper smelting; fire and electrolytic copper refining. White metallurgy:

  • tubing pipes, oil and gas pipes, large diameter pipes;
  • elbows, reducers, tees, plugs, bottoms, reducer rings, nodes and pipe supports;
  • heat-treated refractory concrete products;
  • spheroidizing and graphitizing cast iron inoculants.
  • Below are some other facts about the industry.

    Metallurgy accounts for 60% of the total industrial output of the region.

    A quarter of all steel and rolled products in Russia are manufactured in Chelyabinsk. Almost 14 percent of pipes and ferroalloys are manufactured in the South Urals.

    Chelyabinsk ferrous metallurgy is nine times more effective than that of the Perm Region and 2.5 times more effective than that of the Sverdlovsk Region. The industry employs about 150 thousand people. At the moment, the production of basic precious metals and other non-ferrous metals is increasing (107.1%); zinc, in particular, has seen an increase of 108.4%.

    45% of the products of metallurgical plants are exported.

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