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Instrumentation is one of the leading sectors of the regional economy and is developing rapidly. For instance, in 2020 the industrial production index (IPI) in the production of computers, electronic and optical products" amounted to 101.2% compared to 2019. It also should be noted that, last year, the volume of manufactured regional products, as well as works and services amounted to more than 25 billion RUB.

Among the leading enterprises of this sector are Chelyabinsk Radio Plant "Polet", Metran (Emerson RU), Planar, Katav-Ivanovsk instrument-making plant, and Research and production company "Radio Engineering Systems."

Here are several examples of investment projects in the instrumentation sector:

  • Within the framework of the Digital Economy national program and the Housing and Urban Environment national project, the Polet plant is implementing the Smart City investment project. It is aimed at digitalization of education, healthcare, housing and communal services, urban transport, and municipal administration.
  • The Radio Engineering Systems is developing new high-tech equipment for airports. The company's products are supplied throughout Russia as well as the countries of CIS, Latin America, and Asia. Soon, the airports of Africa will also be utilizing this equipment. In the near future, it is planned to spend more than 200 million RUB for the construction a new production facility, purchase of equipment and software, as well as setting up modern technological processes.
  • Several projects of the Planar company are nearing the stage of implementation. For example, the company is preparing a pilot launch of an environmental monitoring system. An innovative radio-frequency mammograph 2 to 2.5 times cheaper than its foreign counterparts is currently undergoing clinical trials. Finally, a system for detecting gas leaks in residential buildings is being designed, and vibration diagnostics systems for industrial enterprises are being improved.

What are the support measures for investors?
  1. Tax incentives for industrial enterprises (reduced property, profit, and land tax).
  2. The use of financial instruments offered by the regional Industrial Development Fund.
  3. Incentives for participants of regional projects, for instance, "Targeted support for increasing labor productivity at enterprises", "Systemic measures to increase labor productivity", "Industrial exports in the Chelyabinsk Region" etc.
  4. Comprehensive support offered to the center "My Business". The support is offered in engineering, additional funding, educational and consulting support, etc.

Industrial Development Fund of the Chelyabinsk Region
My Business center of the Chelyabinsk Region

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