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Develop agriculture with us, or why should you choose the Chelyabinsk Region?

Agriculture plays an important role in the development of the region's economic potential. At the moment, the share of agriculture in the GRP is 6.1% and is still increasing. There are several reasons for this:

  • The Chelyabinsk Region has the largest sown areas in the Ural Federal District. In 2020, it reached 1,961,600 hectares.
  • The largest sowing area in the region is the production of grain and leguminous crops (1,447.4 thou hectares), as well as high-margin oilseeds (199.3 thou hectares).
  • The region is ranked 1st in the country in production of pasta, 3rd in production of poultry meat, 4th in production of eggs, and 8th in production of pork.
  • The region's agricultural products are in demand in international markets. More than 80% of pasta, 55% of confectionery, 50% of cereals, 36% of flour, and 45% of poultry meat and offal are exported.
  • The amount of agricultural production at the end of 2019 amounted to 124.4 billion RUB.

Still not sure whether to invest or not? Here are a bunch of other facts for you.

  • During the first 6  months of 2020, the turnover of food manufacturers increased by 15.7% yoy.
  • During the first 7 months of 2020,  the production of milk increased by 5.7% yoy.
  • Poultry and pig farms provide a stable sales market for producers of feed grain and barley. Total barley area in 2020 was 405.6 thou. hectares,  which is 9.8 thou. hectares more than last year.
  • Greenhouse production is also being developed. In 2019  the Gorny agricultural complex with the area of 58.8 hectares was commissioned. During the first seven months of 2020, there was an increase in the production of greenhouse vegetables amounting to 14% (14,4 thou. vegetables in August 2020   and 12.6 thou. vegetables in  2019 respectively ). When the new complex reaches its full capacity, the production of greenhouse vegetables will be almost doubled.
  • Technical re-equipment is carried out at a quicker pace. Since the beginning of 2020, 76 harvesters and 124 tractors have been purchased (16% and 25% yoy increase respectively).

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