АО «Втор-ком»

VtorKom is a leading Russian manufacturer of nonwovens. The company was founded in 1996. Today it manufactures non-woven geotextiles, thermal insulation fabrics, bulk fillers for upholstered furniture and mattresses, insulation for the clothing industry, batting, thermal felt, geofelt and other types of technical textiles. All products are in large demand, and over time there was not enough production capacity to meet this demand. Therefore, the company has decided to implement the investment project.

The objective of the investment project was to increase production by at least 50%. In order to do this, it was necessary to build a new production facility and purchase high-tech equipment. The cost of this project was about 423 millon RUB. The project is currently being commissioned. It will create 70 jobs.

Mikhail Ruzbin, CEO of VtorKom: "The Business Territory has helped us along the way. Their experts have given their advice, helped to draw up documents, and organized meetings where the project's current status and development were discussed. When we decided to launch the second investment project, we called them."

74_1.jpegPhoto by Pravda UrFO

The second investment project involves the construction of the facility for the collection, handling, decontamination, and disposal of waste of 3rd and 4th hazard class. To date, a land plot located in the city of Kopeisk has been selected for the construction of the facility. The site is being surveyed by engineers, and design documentation is being put together.

Anna Komarova, the investment director of the Business Territory fund: "VtorKom has established itself as a reliable investor who is really focused on results. The company treats their objectives and processes responsibly, and we are confident that their projects will be implemented on time and according to the business plan."